The Daytona 500 of second-screen experiences
Imagine you're watching the Super Bowl, and right after a touchdown pass the TV announcer says you can win the game ball if you're the first to tweet a long hashtag right now.

That's what we did to explode social engagement at the Super Bowl of Motorsports: The Daytona 500. Every 20 laps, NASCAR’s Twitter handle and the TV broadcasters launched a new race in The Hashtag 500.

Thousands of NASCAR fans raced to win one-of-a-kind memorabilia from the real race: tires replaced in pit stops, metal fenders broken in a crash, plus steering wheels, driver’s helmets, gloves, the checkered flag signed by the race’s winner, and more.
Tweets in one minute
Increase in social conversation
Unique pieces of real race gear claimed
NASCAR tireNASCAR glovesFan holding steering wheelNASCAR helmet
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